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How To Ensure Your Team Stays Safe At Work

How to ensure your team stays safe at work with the right equipment

Working at heights can be a necessary part of many jobs, particularly for those in the construction and maintenance industries. However, it can be dangerous if the right safety procedures are not followed, and one of the most important aspects of working at heights is using the right equipment.

Here are some key pieces of equipment that should be used when working at heights:

Safety Harnesses

For anyone operating at a height, safety harnesses are an essential piece of safety gear. A safety harness is a set of straps worn completely around the body with the intent to prevent falls. A lanyard is used to connect the harness to an anchor point, guaranteeing that the worker will always be fastened to the building.

Weighted Anchors

Safety harnesses are fastened to the structure being worked on using weighted anchors. They are made to ensure that the safety harness is firmly fastened to the structure and to prevent the anchor point from shifting. Weighted anchors can be made in a range of sizes and forms to meet the particular requirements of the work.


The safety harness is connected to the weighted anchor by lanyards. They are constructed from a sturdy material that is meant to support the worker’s weight and prevent falls. Depending on the demands of the job, lanyard lengths can vary so it’s important to find the right one.


When working at heights, hardhats are a crucial piece of personal protection equipment. They are made to guard against falling objects, which are especially dangerous when working at heights, by shielding the head from them. When working at heights, hardhats—which are made of a sturdy material—should be worn all the time.

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