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saftey lanyard

Safety Lanyard

Three Ways Your Safety Lanyard Is Designed to Help

Safety lanyards are versatile tools that provide protection and convenience in a variety of situations. Typically associated with securing you to an anchor point, safety lanyards have expanded their role in different industries and professions. Here are three ways your safety lanyard has your back:

Fall Protection

The main function of safety lanyards is fall protection. This is crucial for those working at heights such as construction workers, window cleaners and tower maintenance professionals. Safety lanyards are attached to a full-body harness and an anchor point, allowing the user to move freely while remaining secured to the structure. In the event of a slip or fall, the safety lanyard absorbs the force and prevents the user from plummeting to the ground.

Hands-Free Accessibility

Safety lanyards can also be used for hands-free accessibility which helps to improve the overall task efficiency. For instance, a safety lanyard can be used to secure a flashlight, allowing the user to work in low-light conditions without needing to hold the light source. Similarly, attaching a walkie-talkie or mobile device to your safety lanyard ensures that you can stay connected with your team without having to fumble for your communication device. By keeping essential tools and equipment within reach, safety lanyards allow you to perform tasks more efficiently and focus on the job at hand.

Tool Tethering

Another useful application of safety lanyards is tool tethering. This is especially valuable in industries where dropping tools is a significant hazard such as construction, oil and gas or telecommunications. By attaching a safety lanyard to your tools and your harness, you prevent them from falling and causing potential injury or damage. This simple yet effective solution can help save time by keeping your tools within reach and avoiding the need to retrieve or replace dropped equipment.

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