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Case Study 3: Be wary of glittering websites!

Case Study 3: Be wary of glittering websites!

This case study is from a fall protection company that places itself as the UK’s No.1 provider.  Read that again!  Now read the example below of why you need to remain diligent when seeking a fall protection specialist.

In this example, the following failures exist. If you are ever to use a fall protection system please ensure that undertake your own basic pre-use/in-use checks.

* The issues.

The standing seam independent post that has been used for this installation is incorrect.  You will find no testing data for this post for this application, and you can see that the post over sails the seam that it is intended to be fixed to.

Our experience dictates that this is more than likely a standing seam roof sheet with a 300/405 profile and the post used is for a 500mm profile. The installer has drilled their own holes on site to make it work. You will see that the split clamp fixing has not been fixed properly. This means that this is a failure and should not be used.

The posts that you can see where the cable has been cut, this was a perfectly good, fully functioning cable fall protection system. The original remit was to exchange 3 x posts that were fixed to a failed roof deck, what this contractor did was over-specify, and installed a completely new system, circa 200m.

This is a non-penetrative fixing system and there was absolutely no reason to install a new one, so this was a complete waste of the client’s money, and bearing in mind that this is a school, using council funds, this is funds taken from the education system.

This case study is from one of our existing clients. The works surrounding the case study were carried out in 2019 and the issues remain unsolved.

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