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Sealed SRL

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Sealed SRL

Available with stainless or galvanised cable lengths of 9 m, 15 m, 25 m and 40 m—the ManSafe Sealed SRL has been specifically designed for use in harsh marine environments such as offshore wind turbines and oil rigs.

After thorough examination of the self-retracting lifeline (SRL) market, Latchways has created the most advanced sealed SRL available. The combination of innovative engineering, superior materials and cutting-edge design has resulted in a sealed retractable lifeline suitable for even the harshest environment which is easily serviceable on-site by a trained user.Standard SRLs and mini SRLs are also available as part of the ManSafe SRL range.

The ManSafe Sealed SRL has positioned itself to be the clear leader in the market place with its advanced use of technology to provide the complete fall protection solution.

The ManSafe Sealed SRL uses Latchways’ patented Constant Force to allow the load generated in the event of a fall to be absorbed thus limiting the load to the user.
Unlike competitors’ products, the braking system does not rely on friction and therefore does not require regular off-site checks to ensure consistent performance.

In the typical harsh—and often dangerous—environments where you would expect to find a sealed SRL, it goes without saying that you need to be able to rely on your locking mechanism—this is guaranteed with the ManSafe Sealed SRL.

The Full Contact™ pawls provide a 100% reliable locking mechanism that won’t freeze, hang-up or corrode.
The advanced pawl technology clicks, allowing a user to both hear and feel the mechanism and thus reassure them the system is in good working order.
A built-in reserve line ensures that a fall is arrested safely even when the cable is fully extended.

Manufactured from high quality components—following consultation with the Institute of Materials in the UK to ensure material compatibility and durability. Individual components undergo strict quality control procedures prior to assembly, including critical component batch ‘x-ray’ to ensure material integrity—giving the end user added peace of mind regarding SRL reliability.

The modular construction of the ManSafe Sealed SRL not only preserves the quality of the product but also allows for quick and easy inspection—as well as full recertification— resulting in the most cost-efficient sealed SRL giving the best ‘return on investment’ for the operator.

To ensure the SRL remains sealed the internal components are protected by rubber gaskets and seals ensuring the spring, locking mechanism and absorber are completely impenetrable to dust and water.

Exceeding Standards
Independent testing to EN 360:2002—includes corrosion resistance testing (through 1000 hours of salt spray exposure)
Complies with OSHA 1910.66 & 1926.502 and ANSI Z359.14-2012
Carries CE0194
IP69k Approval (Ingress Protection).

Recertification Made Simple
The ManSafe Sealed SRL is a modular design that can be serviced in a matter of minutes with just a few simple tools, either locally by authorised representatives, or even on site. This gives operators the opportunity to service the product offshore and even if it does go onshore, costs are greatly reduced.

It is easily possible—with minimal training—for an organisation to undertake a complete inspection and recertification programme ensuring minimal ‘downtime’ during the SRL’s annual service—a common problem with other traditional SRLs.

Should a fall occur, the modular design allows for individual components to be removed and replaced in the field within minutes—allowing quick and easy servicing of not only the cable but also the absorber.

ManSafe Sealed SRL for Oil & Gas
With its ATEX assessment and IP69k rating, the ManSafe Sealed SRL is more than capable of withstanding the harsh environments of the Oil & Gas industry. The ManSafe Sealed SRLs incorporate secondary retention features to prevent inadvertant loosening of fastening components of its primary anchor point. Additionally, secondary seuring is possible via the use of a Latchways stainless steel wire rope strop, to prevent the device from falling during installation or removal.

ManSafe Sealed SRL for Offshore Wind Turbines
The ManSafe Sealed SRL offers a dependable means of fall protection whilst climbing any offshore wind turbine access ladder from a vessel. With its ATEX assessment and IP69k rating, the ManSafe Sealed SRL is well suited for the offshore turbine market. The ManSafe Sealed SRL has now been supplied to the world’s largest offshore farms (100+ turbines) including London Array, Greater Gabbard and Anholt.

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Sealed SRL