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Standard SRL

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Standard SRL

Available with cable and webbing lanyards in four different lengths from 3.6 m to 15 m, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Smarter, Safer, Stronger?Better
The benefits of a Latchways retractable lifeline can be summarised under three key virtues:

Latchways have developed their patented Constant Force? braking mechanism to work in the cable Retractable Lifeline to provide three key benefits;

A frictionless braking system with no moving parts that won?t go out of adjustment
Individual components removed and replaced in minutes due to
modular design
Components that need only visual inspection not mechanical testing

The innovative, 100% reliable Full Contact? patented pawl locking mechanism for both cable and webbing lifelines makes Latchways Retractable the safest on the market:

Constantly moving Full Contact? locking mechanism cannot freeze, hang-up or corrode
No wet lubrication to attract dirt and debris
Stainless steel components unaffected by water, contaminants, temperature & time

A rugged, impact-resistant case protects the unique modular design:

Case is manufactured from unique toughened nylon to resist impact damage and protect internal chassis
Modular chassis design and case are not integrated allowing the case to serve strictly as a protective ?shell?

The Latchways? ManSafe SRL range meets and exceeds the following global standards:

BS EN 360:2002
ANSI Z359.14-2012
OSHA 1910.66
OSHA 1926.502
CSA Z259.2.2-98
ISO 9001 Certified company.

Weight 2 kg
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